The world is on the move. Trends come and go. 
New business fields and markets open up.   
Trends and crises become opportunities.  
Find your way and turn change into future. 
We are there to support you.

our offer.


// Positioning, evaluation and potential analyses of your company/brand

// Evaluation of new business areas and international markets

// Strategies for market or business area entry and establishment

// Strategic realignment, change and crisis management

the perfect place.

There are many new and alternative business fields for you and your company. We support you to find your market, your niche, occupy your business field of expertise and secure your place. With strategy workshops and targeted coaching, we create clarity about the situation and targets of you and your company. With potential and feasibility studies, we work together to create a picture of your future place and develop strategies for long-term establishment. On request, we then offer you additional operational support until you have implemented the key steps of your project.

international markets. 

Every new or international market has its own rules. Those who know them have an advantage and can make the best use of them to successfully implement their project. We explore the new paths to your target market for you through targeted analysis and research. We work with you to develop action and implementation strategies. On request, we can also provide operational support for your first steps in the new environment. Our main focus is on the target markets EU, UK and Australia.  
Foreign companies we also offer operational support in setting up a branch or sales office here in Germany or help them to find local cooperation partners or franchisees.

strategic reorientation.

Unforeseen challenges such as coronavirus, Brexit and the energy crisis have once again shown how calm waters can turn into a challenging environment. We are at your side when it comes to acting prudently and circumspectly. We support you with analyses in the revision of your corporate strategy, the definition and development of alternative business areas and accompany the transformation and change process. We also support your employees with targeted coaching from our psychologist during major changes. If required, our partner lawyers will also support you in all legal matters relating to your restructuring.


your partner.

For over 20 years, we have been supporting and accompanying small, medium-sized companies from a wide range of industries, as well as spin-offs and subsidiaries of global corporations such as VOLKSWAGEN AG.
As a small and flexible project and development team, we are the think-tank at your side, working with you to identify and evaluate potential and tackle its implementation. 
We develop new business areas with you, locally and worldwide. Based on our entrepreneurial and psychological expertise, our team of economists and psychologist will support you in a variety of ways. We are there for you with strategy workshops and targeted advice. Depending on your needs, this includes determining your own position, creating or optimizing your business strategy and operational support in developing new markets and business areas as well as strategic and psychological support for the change process in existing organizations. 



we are there for you.

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